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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Expecting Such a Blessing

We have been blessed with 5 beautiful and children and expecting our sixth in July. This pregnancy has indeed been such a blessing to me because we experienced 2 miscarriages last year. I was devastated and couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I kept going over and over in my head what I could have done to cause this to happen. I had even considered tubal ligation because the 2nd miscarriage was so intense and I never wanted to experience that again.  It was the love of my husband and the support of very close family and friends in my life that helped me realize that everything happens in divine order and it was nothing I did to cause it or anything I could have done to prevent it. I decided not to have a tubal ligation yet I wasn't using anything to prevent pregnancy other than tracking my ovulation periods and menses. I had decided to count my blessings and focus on raising our children. November I knew I was pregnant but was extremely cautious, so much to the point that I didn't want to tell my husband (but I ended up telling him anyway naturally). I didn't want to say anything until I reached that 12 week mark but the feeling of excitement and joy quickly diminished all my fears. Today I am filled with so much bliss almost at the halfway point while still holding the love for the ones I lost deep in my heart. For all of the mommies that have lost, know that you are not alone and they are still with you. Talking about loosing a pregnancy or a child can be taboo for a lot of people but for me, it was part of my healing process. Count your blessings and know that you are not alone. Peace


  1. Congrats again Sis! And thank you for sharing your loss. (((HUGS)))

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I hope it helps others that experienced the same :-)

  3. Peace Queen! I really enjoyed reading your words and sharing in your experiences even if for just a short trip through the memory of my own loss of my baby at 9 weeks, almost 13 years ago. It has been a long time, yet I think of my baby often. I was eventually blessed to give birth to my Sun almost 7 years ago this July ad it has been worth every moment....even as I have struggled with being a single mother. I never quite expected it to turn out this way, yet I would not change anything about it cause it shaped and molded my Sun and I into the Mother and Sun we are today :)
    I will however love...(if I am lucky enough to have another Baby) experience this with my God and all of the Love a mother and father can shower upon a little one. You are a Inspiration i all of your endeavors as I watch you create things, teach and on Supreme Equality with all whom you engage. Keep up the fantastic work.I LOVE the BLOG and the colors, look of the page, the sections and the font.
    Peace & Love (Queenly Samsara)